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07/12/23 1410: Have a look at this: SSe. It's an idea for an electricity retailer. Just need to work out how we advise other companies that people want to switch to us.

26/11/23 1045: Hi all How about a Ghurka meeting next Friday? Or a meeting somewhere anyway? Lots to talk about - it's like opening Christmas presents!
If you bring laptops I'll show you how to use the message board so it can be 2-way.
Netta, do you have addresses for the pelagic skippers? Thought I would write to them with a good offer.

20/11/23 1530: Hi all, Here's the letter to Lord Carloway. There's 98 pages of exhibits with it, but I'm not putting them up here. Any errors, comments gratefully noted: Letter to SCTS

3/11/23 1000: Hi Netta, See poster at Yes poster. Any suggestions or alterations?

6/11/23 1000: Yet another brainstorm. I heard on the radio that the Skellister Stores in Nesting is struggling. They can't afford to buy petrol for the pumps. They have to pay £2000 up front, so are unable to offer that as a draw for the shop. I have long been thinking that the country stores need a hand to compete with the supermarkets. By claiming the allodial ownership of their premises and becoming part of The Sovereign Nation of Shetland, they would no longer need to pay VAT, council tax, excise duty, corporation tax etc, etc. They could run as a private club, only serving members of TSNS. Anyone can get temporary membership, but need to join TSNS and get a proper membership card if they want to buy cheap goods and petrol locally. Anyone challenging them will first have to show how they have the authority. It would be a civil case, so no threat of jail. One of the first things I did in 2008 was to stop paying VAT on the company I had at that time. The Sheriff Officer came with the court papers. I said I would pay as soon as they showed how Shetland is part of Scotland. He went away and I heard nothing more.

I'm seeing Leslie at Skellister Stores on Thursday afternoon and see what she thinks.

3/11/23 1000: Hi Netta, another brainstorm today. Hopefully we can now turn our backs on all the confrontation and use what we've learned to spread the benefits with love and co-operation. They will not be able to stop us. We'll have a meeting when Sandra comes out, but if you're in Lerwick and would like to have a cuppa, it would be good to meet up with you (and Karrol if she's about - sounds as if she could do with a lift).

31/10/23 1915: Hi Netta, Here's the press release and mailing list:
Press release Feel free to add or alter.
Mailing list
On the mailing list, just use those with an asterisk. I' given you an email address that will come to your normal gmail account. Thank you so much - let's hope we don't need it.
If anything untoward happens, please phone Margaret on 01950 477375 before it comes on the news if you can I expect she will be waiting near the phone.

31/10/23 1025: Another brainstorm! Sandra, these for posting. Pyle needs his letter plus allodial claim, Hunter needs both plus her cover letter. I will email them when you confirm they've been posted (separate receipts please) I've got the flags ready.

30/10/23 1600: Got the appeal in at 15:58 and confirmation back at 16:00! Could not have been closer.

29/10/23 2215: When you do the envelopes make sure they're addressed as the documents-only to the man or woman.

29/10/23 2215: No, I meant I'll send mine through to you to post at 9am, then we can each do the emailing.

Here they are:

29/10/23 2157: I've got two too. I'll complete them with your label numbers and send them through later. Then we can both email the court separately. So 1215hrs will be good.

29/10/23 1351: Here are the final versions, your corrections, some titivation and a new 6.4:
Now new 1.7

29/10/23 1233: I'm going through the printed version. I've bolded 'by addressing the man or woman in the dock' at 1.5, Changed 'Scotland' to 'Shetland' at 1.13, changed 5.1 to read "Short spells of unlawful imprisonment". In your public reply you can refer to paragraph numbers.

I believe this to be my finest work to date: Documents

29/10/23 0947: Another brainstorm and a major flaw discovered. See Documents

28/10/23 1701: See vor video. NOT FOR SHARING, ONLY SHOWING PLEASE.

I got a call while at Netta's to say that a couple of friends who've been up to support me before want to come up for the court on Wed. So hope they can get tickets etc.

Stuart Hill Contempt video